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90% of people say the first thing that tells them something about a person is the style of their hair. We all want to create the best impression of ourselves when we walk into a room... but we don't always have time to style our hair.... not with normal pomades and greasy gel. But wait... Sevich Dust it is the perfect solution to this problem.


Sevich Dust it transforms dull, greasy hair into thick-looking, volumized hair that is full of life. It is also makes naturally thick hair easier to control and form the exact style you lust after. You can do it in seconds with the Sevich Dust it powder. You will look top notch for every meeting, party & event you attend.


Sevich hair dust works with all hair types and lengths & even if your hair is unwashed for a few days. It works to the roots & soaks up oil & grease to leave a fresh, new look. This look lasts all day!


Why would you use pomade or gel that takes long & weighs your hair down? And the next day your hair is full of product. Sevich hair dust takes less than 30 seconds to apply & style with. The ultra fast acting formula transforms your hair to something fresh & new, and leaves little to no residue behind.


The formula's secret lies in its lightweight powder design. Where gel & pomade is heavy on your hair, Sevich is light and fluffy, therefore providing much more volume by fast-acting lightweight molecules! The molecules set into your hair unlike greasy gel and pomade.


The powder design allows you to easily spread the Sevich product with your fingers. No mess & no fuss!

All the cool things about Sevich that make your life easier are listed below:

  1. Style hair up in seconds: Just sprinkle some Sevich dust it powder and rub it aggressively to the roots of your hair for a full, expressive hairstyle. No matter if you had a shower or a tough workout: the powder will act fast. Just dry your hair & apply.
  2. Style with control: Sevich hair dust aims to add volume and control at the same time so that you can style your hair exactly the way you want it.
  3. Thick, volumized look: Hair will look thick and volumized even if your hair is not very thick, or not normally volumized. This is thanks to Dust It ’s action on the roots.
  4. Long lasting: Will last you all day long.
  5. All hair lengths: No matter if your hair is very short or very long, Dust It will keep your hair in place! It is designed to stick to the hair without adding weight to the hair follicles.
  6. Not sticky: The dry design of the powder lets your hair look full but not oily or greasy. It sets into your hair unlike gel & pomade. This is known as the mattifying effect.
  7. Use on dirty hair: Mattifying effect is perfect for 2nd or 3rd day hair which might have had oily products in it.
  8. Very casual or formal look


  • Ingredients: Ethanol, black iron oxide, cotton fiber silk, hydrogenated castor oil, spices, water, silica silylate
  • Net Weight: 8g


  •  Bottle of Sevich Dust it Hair Powder 

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